Vietnam Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (VAMM) was established under the Decision no.996/QĐ-BNV signed by Minister of Home Affairs on August, 26th, 2013

The operation aim of Association is to build a forum to connect motorcycle Manufacturers in Vietnam, apply advanced technologies upon global standards, manufacture motorcycle of high quality, safety, environmental friendliness, assure the healthy competitive environment in the sector of motorcycle manufacturing; as well as protect the lawful rights and interest of the members in accordance with the provisions of the law of Vietnam; play the role as a bridge between local motorcycle Manufacturers and the Government so as to contribute the opinions to the relevant authorities in improving the legal system and policies relating to operation area of the Association in accordance with the law of Vietnam, make contributions to the development of motorcycle industry in particular and Vietnamese industries in general.

The Association’s action plan in first working term (2013- 2015) includes:

1. Stabilizing the organizational structure: adopt regulations; accomplish the organization; develop members, build infrastructure and expand association’s scale in accordance with the Law of Vietnam and the Association’s Charter.

2. Complying with the state management regulations on the Association through annual report of Association’s operation; set up dossiers and documents file and registering representative office.

3. The centre for communication of the Government, local and international organizations and Association’s members; organize annual Press meeting; receive and provide relevant information of motorcycle manufacturing industry and spare parts; enhance information and idea exchange among members in order to strengthen solidarity for the healthy development of Vietnam motorcycle and motorcycle spare parts industry served for local consumption and exports.

4. Contribution to the establishment of state law and policies by collecting, analyzing and synthesizing proposals submitted to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam or international organizations in order to contribute to the development policies of the local motorcycle industry; doing research on motorcycle industry, market, technical standardization, safety, safety driving, environment, labor, industrial ownership and other relevant matters; collecting members’ opinions for the draft of policies which relate to Association’s operation as being requested such as giving consultancy to state management agencies about dealing with troubles during operation of the Association’s members, acting on behalf of the Association’s members in the internal and external affairs which relates to tasks and power of the Association in accordance with the Law of Vietnam.

5. Execution of trade promotion and integration activities such as holding conferences; sending members to relevant meetings and conference about related topics; granting authority to Association’s Executive Board  to set up and develop relationships with organizations in the region and in the world which have the same field of operation.